5 Things you can do today to look

 younger and feel healthier

by Ken Stevens

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 Maintaining Health can be a challenge for anyone these days.  Stress and tension built up from your daily routine can accumulate and cause your bodies muscle groups to freeze up.

1)Go for a  Massage monthly.  $50-100 is all it takes to get a vacation for an hour and feel good at the beginning of every month.  Let this be your reward after you pay all the monthly bills.  Then you will look forward to getting the bills done and off to the spa for that much needed massage...

2)  Take Care of your skin.  The largest organ of the body is the skin.  Treat it well by using Sunscreen before leaving the house.  When you return, use a good skin lotion to moisturize your skin back to its peak health and suppleness.

 3) Take a daily supplement to energize your body.  A new technology is available at .  You can actually buy Supplements tailor made to your body.  Your DNA is sampled and then a Formulation unique to you is manufactured and shipped right to your door.   

 4) Take Care of your Hair To give you that great boost in self esteem, step up to a new you. You can change hair styles and give yourself a new look and feel Treating yourself is the best way to help reward yourself for a job well done during the week. You will get noticed at work and most likely will benefit financially by looking your best at all times. Who knows, a little romance might blossom out someone seeing you in a different way.


5)  Drink Plenty of Water.  Your car uses coolant, our bodies need water to help clear the body of toxins and maintain peak bodily functions.  Treat yourself to a bottle of water with each meal as a rule of thumb. By replacing soda with water at a meal, you will reduce your average calories by 500 each day and that equates to a few pounds from the waste line each year. Home delivery of water is a big plus for the busy mom or renters. Why lug those cases home from the food store. For about a dollar a day, you can have sparkling clear water delivered right to your door.



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