3 Things you can do
today to change to a healthy dieting lifestyle


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 Dieting healthy today is a challenge with all the various diets available to us.  Dieting is one of those tempting things to do, but really  to start eating more, not less. You have heard the expression, "You are what you eat".  Proper food selection is the key to living a healthy lifestyle without dieting.

1)  Check with your Doctor First.  Your health is very important to you and also your doctor.  The best idea is to meet with your doctor regarding your current diet and see what he/she recommend.   By creating a positive goal for your body and including your doctors input, you can measure and test the effectiveness of your diet. If you do not have a doctor, visit our directory for doctors in your area.

 2) Start your dietary adventure by taking a daily supplement to energize your body.  A new technology is available at .  You can actually buy Supplements tailor made to your body.  Your DNA is sampled and then a Formulation unique to you is manufactured and shipped right to your door. 

3)  Eat 5 smaller meals in a day!  It makes no sense to us who like to starve ourselves , but eating  5 smaller meals a day will accelerate weight loss (sounds to good to be true).   Your Stomach is like a furnace, Keep it fed and the fire roars. If you eat only 3 meals, your furnace smolder during sleep and you can add fat to your system while your at rest.  


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